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The Spectral Inadequacy of RGBW

One of the first1 moving-head LED lights that I saw was the GLP Impression X90. Having spent the – well, not years exactly, but enough time in the biz to figure out that the MAC 2000 was more or less How We Did Things, it was pretty nifty. It was small, it was – in deep colors – punchier than moving heads three times its size, and it was blazingly fast in moves. It was a very cool light; a step in the ladder of advancement that had been in motion since we stopped burning bits of rock. The Impression – and back then, we all just called it The Impression, because there weren’t others – made a real splash.… Read More »The Spectral Inadequacy of RGBW

Colors Exist

And, Why It Is Not Just Philosophical Navel-Gazing To Say So This is a response to an article I most recently saw in PLSN, but in fairness to my friend and author of that article, Chris Lose, this is an argument I’ve heard put forward by many people over the years. The argument goes like this: color is a perceptual phenomenon, and therefore, “does not exist”. It exists, the argument goes, only in our minds, and this somehow makes it less real. I find this line of reasoning to be highly suspect. It places all perceptual phenomenon on “non-existent” footing, including a lot of things that I think we would all agree exist, like smells, flavors, all of music, language,… Read More »Colors Exist