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Privacy and terms

1. Invoices

Your invoice will show “Blueshift Design, LLC” and have our logo and address. Invoices are due in full thirty days after being sent. After thirty days, unless alternative arrangements are made, 5% interest will be charged.

Blueshift Design is a Limited-Liability Corporation.

2. Copyright

All website content, photographs, videos, and artwork are copyrighted, and may not be used without permission.

3. Privacy

We use cookies, because the site runs WordPress. Feel free to reject them; it won’t break anything. The only information that is recorded is your IP address, which may reveal information about your location, and browser information so that I know what operating system / browser / devices people are using to access this site. Every website on the planet does this. In our case, this is done only for testing purposes – some of the CSS and HTML I use on this site may not work across all devices, so it’s important that I know if something is going to break spectacularly. I have no desire or means (or time, for that matter) to uniquely identify a visitor outside of their IP address. You are welcome to browse the site using TOR or a proxy site if that bothers you.

I will never share any of the information that is generated as a consequence of your visit (or your working with me) with third parties for any spammy or underhanded reason – except social media, or putting pictures and descriptions of your awesome-looking gig on my website or business brochures.

4. Sales tax

I am not required to collect sales tax on services.

5. Website access thoughts

Blueshift Design is dedicated to providing a quality service for our customers. This site supports the operating systems and tools used by the majority of visitors to my site, and I’ve tested it on the latest versions of the most popular mobile devices and web browsers. If you have any problems using my website, please contact me and let me know what type of device you’re using, the operating system, your web browser’s version number, the URL (web page address) of the page you were viewing, and details about the problem you experienced. I’ll use this information to try to fix the problem.

The one exception to the above rule is outdated browsers. This website will not work correctly with very old versions of browsers, or really oddball or old devices. If you’re attempting to access this website with Internet Explorer 6 through 10, this site will probably not display correctly. It will probably break spectacularly, and there’s nothing I care to do about it. This site will look best in a modern browser like Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer version eleven. I guess it’s Edge now, whatever. Or perhaps you use Vivaldi? Or Lynx? NCSA Mosaic?

This website originally did not use any Javascript. However, on this new version of the site, I finally accepted the fact that modern SEO practices require me to be a little more active than “set it and forget it” in terms of static pages. I wasn’t updating the site very much, and that wasn’t really a good look. The problem is that updating static pages is a pain in the ass, and so doing it was something I procrastinated on.

I finally bit the bullet and accepted the fact that CSS and HTML were not meant to build responsive lightbox-type webpages for displaying lots of images. So, now this site is built on WordPress, because I have better things to do with my life than program beautiful (but difficult) static pages with nothing but CSS and HTML. It’s a fine idea, and while I still have those skills, I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to keeping the site current while also doing all the other stuff my job demands of me.