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Reference Fixtures and the Pursuit of Semi-Objectivity

Color is a subjective experience*. While we can be reasonably sure that when you and I look at, say, The Starry Night, we’re seeing the same field of variegated blues with pale yellow stars, rich canary moon and rolling blue hills, we’re never entirely certain. However, while whether you and I experience orange in the same way is a question without either an answer or any action whatsoever to take attached to it, what is interesting is creating colors that match, and in particular, creating colors that match across fixtures. This is of particular importance in entertainment lighting scenarios, where we often (usually, even) have lighting fixtures that are vastly different across manufacturers. Within that ecosystem, there might be different color modes or curves that affect the values that we… Read More »Reference Fixtures and the Pursuit of Semi-Objectivity

Running wishlist for grandMA3

Here’s a list of things I wish grandMA3 would do, as we transition to it from MA2. Better macro editing. This is probably the biggest one. Currently, there are two ways to edit macros: in the software of the console, or directly editing the XMLs in a text editor. I have a powerful editor, Sublime Text 3, that works very well for this sort of this, especially with add-ons like Text Pastry. But it’s less than ideal for working with very large macros like my color generation macros. I had to make some major changes to one of those macros recently, and this was very painful because I had initially written everything as single lines (each color was generated by… Read More »Running wishlist for grandMA3