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[#define Moon_ ]

From the creative minds at WHYIXD comes [#define Moon_ ], an LED-based art installation showcasing LED spheres that show the full, waxing, and waning phases of the moon in light. From their website: [#define Moon_ ] consists of 9 rotating kinect light installations. It presents different postures of moon shape, exerting new sense experiences. The audience is allowed to explore through various ways of looking and bring curiosity to the installation by watching from different angles. By thinking of the science spirit, once again, viewer can define and understand the concept of this work of their own.


Described as “A dancer writes a diary entry.”, this experimental dance piece by Jonah Haber features dancer Niamh Wilson shot against a phosphorescent (glow in the dark) wall. As the dancer moves through the space, a strobe periodically fires, freezing her position in shadow against the surface behind her. Observe: GLOW from Jonah Haber on Vimeo.   I’m a huge fan of dance, and – as you know – light, and this is a delightful and unexpected usage of light in the art of dance. I wonder how possible it would be to create a reactive phosphorescent softgoods backdrop and use this concept elsewhere.