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My Macros

Since people ask for these on occasion, here are some of the macros I’ve written. Feel free to use, distribute, whatever. I’ve written them for my own speed, they contain nothing that someone couldn’t figure out. Enjoy! You will need the predefined macro “World is Selection” for many of these.

Color generators

These are two color generator macros that generate the base palette of colors that I use for a show. It asks for two inputs, where to start (I recommend starting at 1) and where you want the “white” preset, which I usually put at 16. This macro assumes you have a full-width color preset window somewhere, or everything will look wonky.



Dimmer / color wing effects

Very effective for strips of lights and battens. These are simple macros that set wing style 2 and then asks for a delay time, so you get a symmetrical wipe across your fixtures.





Concurrent Arrival Fans

These require GLADs IntelliVARs from These align your fade opposite your delay, so your first fixture starts moving slowly, then next a little faster but a little later, and so on, so all fixtures arrive at the same time, but they have to speed up to get there. Two versions, one forward and one backward so I don’t have to reverse my selection order.



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