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CYGNUS "Immersive Light Installation"

CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance/MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference from Bİ'ŞEYLER on Vimeo.

CYGNUS is an art lighting installation in Istanbul which uses 46 Clay-Paky Sharpys to take viewers on an immersive experience, meant to conjure the astronomical imagery of the toponymous constellation. It’s very interesting to see what one can do with just one type of fixture, but even more interesting to see what you can do with one fixture in only open white the whole time. The entire experience and gamut of feelings is created in just one look, and it is, I think, very effective. I did notice a few of the Sharpys on the upstage truss wobbling a bit, which detracted slightly from the effect.

They also list two MDG TheONE Hazers, which is a piece of hardware that can output a truly ridiculous amount of haze. Two would be…impressive.

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