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BSD at LDI, and other acronyms

Here are some exciting production-related news things, which may or may not be new, but are at least awesome.

– The Martin MAC Quantum Profile debuts at LDI in a few weeks, and Blueshift Design will be there with Elite Multimedia looking at gear. This will be Martin’s first foray into a full-featured LED profile, and I’m excited to see what their engineers bring to the table in terms of brightness, quality of light, and color-mixing.

– The ETC ColorSource PAR is now a thing, and it has, unusually for an LED PAR fixture, a lime-green emitter and an extra red emitter. ETC’s literature on the device seems to indicate that both red sources emit the same wavelength, which is an interesting step. I hope they’re at LDI, I’d love to see what this fixture is capable of.

– This one is a few months old, but it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it: OK Go’s music video for “The Writing’s On The Wall” is 4-minutes of practical (!) optical illusions. All the illusions are in-camera, no CGI. Their videos are generally a visual treat, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint:

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