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vectorworks sucks

Vectorworks sucks.

You Have Failed Me For the Last Time, Nemescheck

Or, Render Options 2023 Some years ago, as I cast1 around for a rendering workflow that would be at once both inexpensive, and fast and quality (a trilemma that myself and endless others have commented upon) I found myself considering a veteran 3DCC suite: Cinema 4D, and I made the decision at the time to buy into C4D as my “nice” rendering platform. The reasons for this were at the time, and I think still today, solid: this is a program that has been around for a long time, and is aimed at that curious intersection of artistic and technical folks in a way that not many other programs are. I liked that the interface isn’t too streamlined; after all,… Read More »You Have Failed Me For the Last Time, Nemescheck

Hidden line rendering hacks with Vectorworks

Vectorworks is my primary stage modeling tool for tours and any other work that I do, but I agree with the consensus (a consensus I firmly and un-scientifically believe in) that Vectorworks is a huge, extremely sophisticated and often very-badly-behaved piece of bloatware. It does what I want it to do, but it does so in ways that are un-intuitive, extremely slow, and frustratingly inconsistent. For instance, select a fixture symbol that you’ve dropped onto a design layer, and you can do all the things you’d expect to be able to do: move the symbol around, rotate it, etc. Make that same symbol a “fixture”, however, and suddenly, using the rotation tool no longer works. You can rotate it only… Read More »Hidden line rendering hacks with Vectorworks