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Fixture review: The Claypaky Sinfonya Profile 600

This review originally appeared in PLSN. Author’s note: this article is written based on specifications and video footage, and I have not physically seen the fixture. Further, as of the time of this writing, the user manual for this fixture is incomplete, so several aspects of features and fixture control are unable to be evaluated at this time. -CR Theater environments present unique demands. Noise, of course, is an obvious one – actors are not always sound reinforced, relying on power and elocution to be heard in the cheap economy seats, so quiet fixtures are a must. Quality of light is equally or more important – theaters somewhat famously being holdouts on the LED revolution in favor of what they… Read More »Fixture review: The Claypaky Sinfonya Profile 600

Martin MAC Ultra Performance and Wash

This blog post is not affiliated, endorsed, edited, approved, marked up, marked down, concatenated, polished, or had its margins scribbled in by anyone at PLSN (or probably anywhere else). It represents my own thoughts1 as a lighting nerd. Those thoughts are frequently opinionated, and longer than your average Nolan film. Feature parity is an inevitable feature of advancing tech. As the industry settles into something that resembles a standardized form factor for white LED spots and washes, we’re seeing an expected feature set emerge across all the major manufacturers. The necessary lumen output has finally come to a point where color mixing with a gobo and animation wheel in the optical train doesn’t result in unacceptable output drop, and most… Read More »Martin MAC Ultra Performance and Wash