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A final few thoughts about some some of the stuff I saw at LDI, and some pictures! Everybody likes pictures! Lightwave International Phenom Lightwave International released the Phenom, a small moving head laser that is rated for audience scanning effects. The company doesn’t say what the laser diodes inside are rated for, but the unit draws only 3A @ 240v, which is impressive. The audience scanning feature is intrinsic to the design of the unit, as the lasers – even if parked straight into the audience – always deliver less than the amount of laser radiation permitted by the FDA. As always, it’s extremely difficult to judge the brightness of lights at LDI, but my intuition was that the lasers… Read More »LDI: Part III

LDI: Part II

The Robe BFML This is one of the big fixtures at LDI I saw that I’m really looking forward to playing around with. Made by Robe, the BFML is the “Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire”, though various backronyms regarding the name exist. We won’t get into those. The unit is fairly sizable, probably a little smaller than a VL3K, with an Osram HTI 1500-watt lamp. By default the lamp is overrun to 1700 watts, which shortens its life to 500 hours, but that’s still 125 shows at an average run time of around 4 hours, which I think is realistic. (Leave it on for an hour to do your focus position updates, then a 2-3 hour show.) You can still throttle the… Read More »LDI: Part II