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Bouba, Kiki, And The Crime of Incuriosity

I feel that, among my readership, there’s a selection bias toward appreciation for nerdy and esoteric topics that will lead some portion of you to know immediately the effect I’m referring to. For those who don’t, you’re one of the lucky ten thousand! Also, this post is directed in particular at programming events (corporate, nonprofit, dinners, etc) not especially music, though some of the lessons could apply to music, as well. The bouba / kiki effect, as it has been named, is what’s termed a “mapping” between sounds and the visual shapes of objects, and this mapping happens across cultures, ages, nationalities, and almost any other grouping you can think of. When shown the following picture: most people “map” the… Read More »Bouba, Kiki, And The Crime of Incuriosity

SkyNet: Your Friendly Touring Lighting Designer, Appendix Of Additional Thoughts

Some thoughts that I wrote down during the writing of the previous two articles that didn’t really fit into the articles as written, so I’ll put them here as sort of…an appendix. These aren’t really edited or in any sort of order, they’re just things I hastily scribbled down while researching these articles. But! Robots have not taken all our jobs that they could, today. Service jobs: bartenders, servers. Logo design is a good example of lots of poor quality human and automated services. Good content is hard. Good YouTube channels, for instance, take lots of time, research, and thinking up interesting topics to cover. There are political solutions here, but these are beyond what is appropriate to advocate here.… Read More »SkyNet: Your Friendly Touring Lighting Designer, Appendix Of Additional Thoughts