Vectorworks & 3D Rendering.
Design services

Show design

Full production design, from initial concept to final execution. We can handle everything for you.

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Vectorworks and 3D services

Vectorworks & 3D rendering

Vectorworks design, show plots and paperwork, concept rendering in Cinema 4D

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Writing and consulting services

Consulting and writing

Help with lighting systems, creative solutions, techincal and creative writing.

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Good pre-production paperwork can make a show run smoothly, while bad paperwork can drag a great production to the depths of logistical hell. The vital importance of having solid design drafts, lighting plots, and technical drawings before your production goes into prep or rehearsal is being realized by more and more production managers as the amount of technology used on show only increases.

Blueshift Design draws all its plots in the latest version of Vectorworks, and we show the same attention to detail in the critical part of the pre-production process as we do to every other step. Documents can be shared instantly around the world and revsisons quickly completed. Blueshift Design also performs Vectorworks modelling on a dry-hire basis, using your logo and contact information, and we can get accurate plots to you quickly for show advance.

We also work with Cinema 4D with the Hantmade Stage 2 plugin to create realistic lighting renders to help bring our designs - or yours - to life, showcasing the lighting in nearly photorealistic detail to give performers an accurate idea of what their production will look like. Contact us today. We're happy to help.