About Blueshift Design.

I am Craig Rutherford, a Twin Cities-based lighting designer with over eleven years of experience in the production industry. I've worked with the largest country acts, Christian artists, corporate events, and everything in between in my career. I love finding new and exciting ways to light a scene or a band, or repurpose existing fixtures in unexpected ways. I've retrofitted gym lights with low-wattage incandescent bulbs to give gentle warm backlight glow, experimented with pixel-mapping unique surfaces, and playing with lasers on metal gratings.

My goal is to elevate your show to new creative heights. For me, designing a show is about meticulous attention to detail, an experienced ear for timing and rhythm, and an eye for color and pattern. I use the latest technology, pre-visualization, and experience to save on setup and programming time, while delivering accurate results. No matter your project, I will provide a cost-effective design that helps draw both the audience and the musicians on stage into the experience.

When I'm not designing shows, I write extensively for the industry magazine Projection, Lights, and Staging News doing product reviews and testing, and hosting the Lighting Nerds Podcast along with my friend and colleague Alex Hughes.