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Badlands Tour

Following on the heels of one of the most talked-about performances in Coachella history, electropop artist Ashley Frangipane, known better by her stage name Halsey, took to the road to promote her critically-acclaimed Album, Badlands.

Halsey concert

The set of the tour was designed by Vita Motus, and centered around three large structures built out of scaffolding, and covered with a special projection gauze that was semi-transparent and took light beautifully, yet provided a solid surface for projecting moving graphics and content onto. This multimedia "jungle gym" was more than just a static set piece, however, and Halsey could move within and through the projected layers of fabric in a truly dynamic and dimensional performance.

Halsey concert

The lighting design was handled by Michael Smalley of Twin Design, a veteran designer whose dark and moody lighting scheme perfectly complemented the performance happening onstage. Our rig consisted primarily of Martin MAC Viper Profiles, TMB Flares, and Clay-Paky Sharpy Wash 330s. Additional front and downlight was handled by eight Martin MAC Quantum Washes rigged across the downstage truss. The trusses took on a dramatic, almost avian staggered angle shape for the tour, highlighting the band from various angles and directions.

Six vertical towers sidestage housed GLP X4 Bars for additional sidelight and audience-washing effects. These were used to great effect on songs like "Castle", where the tight punchy beam of the X4s was brought to full bear. On other songs, the full zoom range of this small but elegant fixture stood out and painted the stage and performers with dramatic highlights and revelation of form and conture.

Halsey concert

Blueshift Design design was tasked with the touring direction and on-site pre-production programming of some of the songs that had changed from the previous tour, including "Coming Down" and elements of "Castle". We also directed the placement of the rig into different spaces and stages, ensuring a consistent audience experience from night to night.

Blueshift Design also designed several looks for the final show at the legendary Madison Square Garden, including the low-lying fog effect as the final sign-off and teaser for the next tour, and Halsey's duet with the guest artist The Chainsmokers for their chart-topping song "Closer".